Fire Protection and Safety  
The high chlorine content in PVC makes it a difficult-to-ignite product that emits very little heat compared to other combustible materials if ignited. The gases emitted during the combustion of PVC products do not have a particular risk in terms of maintaining the functions of the building, which is why insurance companies consider PVC to be equivalent to other materials.

Fire experience to date has shown that while wooden windows burn easily, PVC windows rarely burn. The temperature required for PVC to ignite 150'C higher than the temperature needed for wood to ignite.

VC concentration limit values in PVC production,
While the permissible level of PVC in and around workplaces was 500 ppm in 1966, today, the limit value is three ppm. This rate has been significantly reduced to below one ppm thanks to the technical measures taken. 

Alternative Costs of PVC Use in Buildings
Today, when comparing alternative products that can be used for a specific purpose, the entire cycle of the products is taken into account, from the production of raw materials to their use and subsequent waste utilization. This kind of evaluation is called an ecological balance sheet. The eco-balance of aluminum, PVC, and wood windows shows that PVC windows are the most environmentally friendly materials.
While the energy used to produce a similar window is approximately the same for PVC and wood, it is twice as much for aluminum.

Application to Static Structure 
Kvcpen is resistant to wind loads of any intensity and temperatures of any degree and can be produced in any shape and size. Fleshy outer walls, internal federations, and chambers used at the most appropriate points, quality additives that give Kvcpen its resistance to impact and breakage give Kvcpen the necessary strength. 1.5 mm wall thickness, hot dipped galvanized reinforcement profile makes Kvcpen profile stable. Kvcpen is the first company to offer consumers the opportunity to open sashes up to 1.3 mt widths for windows and 2.2 mt height for doors.

Kvcpen has also broken new ground with its unique application details. With polyurethane assembly, it has eliminated the harmful properties of the blind frame (such as oxidation, time, and welding loss) and introduced the complete occupancy application, which also contributes significantly to heat and sound insulation in wall joinery compositions. Since Kvcpen considers this feature one of the essential pillars of its quality, our company subjects its application staff to continuous training.
Sound Insulation 

Pressure changes in solid, liquid, and gaseous media that the ear can perceive are called sound, and disturbing sounds are called noise. For humans, sounds above 50 db are characterized as noise and start to disturb people. To provide a peaceful interior space as, sound insulation, vibration and noise must be isolated.

With the Polyurethane assembly system, which Kvcpen is the leader in the production and insistently advocates, the vibration that may occur in the joinery is melted in the polyurethane foam cushions, preventing the reflection of the pulse on the walls. In addition to its large chambers with static air storage, it provides complete soundproofing, and maximum insulation, through the stagnant air ducts formed by gaskets between the frame and the sash.

The air gap of up to 16 mm in double-glazing applications allows for maximizing sound insulation in different thicknesses and triple glazing.

Kvcpen does not allow noise pollution to leak into interior spaces.
Heat and Water Insulation 

Windows gives the most enormous waste in reducing heat losses in a building and maintaining the heat level inside. Windows are the first element that causes heat loss in spaces. People have been looking for centuries for ways to heat the streets in winter and to protect the areas from the outside temperature in summer. Building costs have been increased in many buildings by making windows smaller, sacrificing natural light and views.

Kvcpen has become the name for providing the perfect heat and water insulation by maximizing the view and natural light comfort with the windows it produces using the latest technology.

Its three- and five-chambered profiles and 3 and 2 effective sealing systems in the frame-sash combination create stable air ducts and 2 - 3 manias throughout the joinery. These features allow us to maximize the interior's comfort while excluding the external environment's adverse conditions. It comforts us without sacrificing natural light and vast perspective opportunities in our interiors.

Windows are not just about the comfort and appearance of a building. It is also a source of savings when the right choice and application are made. At Kvcpen, we avoid single glazing with windows and use double glazing or specially insulated glass to meet your expectations from a window.
Coloring and Lamination 

Kvcpen strives to meet the full expectations of a window by offering a superior PVC system that provides an economical and healthy life and windows with various color options that integrate with its aesthetic appearance.

Here, in addition to interior surface laminated-exterior white, exterior surface laminated-inside white options, colored profile interior and exterior surface laminated options are also available. In addition to white-colored profiles, wood-patterned profiles in various colors are also available. In this way, the building and the interior design are ensured to follow unity.

Kvcpen windows can meet the consumer's visual demands with their long-lasting resistance to natural conditions and their contribution to aesthetic and decorative elements.

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