Secure Hardware System

Thanks to wireless sensors, no modifications are required in your home and the entire system can be installed in just half an hour.

KVCPEN series has optional security window, door, sliding and parallel sliding options. In order for a window to be secure, many factors must come together. First of all, a system consisting of strong profiles should be selected and this system should be reinforced with security hardware, locking handles, reinforced support plates and secure glazing. 


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Your Security : Our preoccupation


Kvc-Pen has set out to create a new perspective in the PVC sector and has shaped its quality understanding according to knowledge, experience, and business ethics principles. Our company is a family company with 20 years of experience and expertise.

Over the years, we have learned to optimize our processes and today, thanks to Optessa's superb software, our production chain is one of the fastest on the market.

Our family company has 20 years of experience and knowledge in the construction and PVC industry. One of the company's founders took part in the establishment stages of various companies in the plastic window sector and actively worked in PVC door, window, garment manufacturing, and profile production.

Our Vision
KVC PEN is a family company whose strength is 20 years of experience and knowledge in the profile door, window, and construction sectors.

We aim to be an international company that strives for innovation in every field and wants to integrate its earnings with more efficient production and quality.

Understand the World

Art & Process

Our mission

To offer quality and technology to the sector by making a difference with our products and services in the PVC sector in our region and on the international platform.

KVC PEN has set out to achieve the best in the service offered by family members who combine their experience in the construction and PVC sector without compromising their values.


-Our main priorities are trust & integrity.
-To follow all kinds of innovations to achieve better goals.
-To provide the best quality and technology to our customers.
-To respect any new idea that will enable our development.
-To make the name of our country known with our highest quality products.


Distinctio doloribus est maiores


Creative director got the idea


Graduate bridges disparate connections


Amet est minus dolores nisi

KVC PEN is a company that has shaped its quality understanding according to the principles of knowledge, experience, and business ethics.

As KVC PEN, we prioritize quality production and customer satisfaction. We aim to be a company that supports its experience and knowledge in the PVC sector with innovative applications and where all its employees take business ethics as a basis.

We set out to create a new perspective in the PVC industry.




Frequently asked

Once the scope of the order has been agreed upon and the price has been agreed, the contract stage is reached.

The contract must contain at least the following elements:
- Buyer information
- Seller information
- Contract date
- Project (joinery pictures, dimensions)
- Identification of the series, accessories, glass, auxiliary materials etc. to be used
- Installation date and address
- Procedure to be followed in case of delays in the installation date
- Removal method of dismantled joinery
- Plastering and cleaning works
- Client's responsibility for site preparation
- The condition of the hardware associated with the old joinery that needs to be dismantled and installed
- What is included in the scope of work and what is not
- How to act in casework other than the discovery or offer is requested
- Warranty and service availability
- Amount of work
- Payment method and actions to be taken in case of delay
- Signature and stamp of the seller
- Name, surname, and signature of the recipient

Air holds a certain amount of water as vapor at each temperature. If this amount increases or the temperature decreases, the vapor condenses as water and sweat occur. If the water vapor in the air is below the condensation temperature of the joinery and glass surfaces, this sweat is evident on the joinery and glass.

First of all, we must reduce the water vapor in the air. The most significant sources of water vapor are bathrooms and kitchens.
Doors of kitchens and bathrooms should always be kept closed, bathrooms should be ventilated through ventilation windows, and kitchens should be ventilated through aspirators and chimneys.

Laundry should not be dried inside the house.

If there are other sources of moisture in the house, ventilation time should be increased.

The surest solution to reduce sweating is to ventilate our homes. This ventilation should continue periodically until the fogging (sweating) on the glass surface disappears.

After installing PVC windows, plaster and whitewash modifications are made, if any. The protective tape is removed, and the tape is exposed to heat and sunlight for a long time, which will cause it to boil to the profile surface, making it difficult to remove.

Otherwise, it is more appropriate to apply a thin oil heated up to 55ºC on the tape surface, leave it for 4-5 hours, and then remove it.

Materials such as paint and mortar adhered to the profiles should be carefully cleaned immediately but without scraping.

Care should be taken to ensure that the detergents used for cleaning are not excessively particulate, and liquid or cream ones should be preferred. Contact with metal-equipped water or soap should be avoided.

PVC systems should not be cleaned with solvents or bleach.

To prevent sweat on the surface of building elements;

The temperature inside should be around 20-22ºC.
The parts of the building where water is used intensively, such as bathroom-WC, should be ventilated with windows.
Water vapor released during cooking should be removed with aspirators on the stove.
It should be ventilated at least 4-5 times a day.


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